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    Question about Jim Kelly 1991 Proline Autograph

    Hey Gang-

    I need to know what the difference is in the autopen/real Kelly autos. I know what the difference is, but what I need to know is how do you tell one from the other? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I looked for some info on this in the big beckett catalog and it only says auto pen and actual, no more info. I just cruised around google and yahoo search and didn't come up with anything there either :(

    PLMK and thanks!

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    Im not positive on this Im just passing along what I heard some years ago. The info I received was that the autopen used actual pen ink while the hand signed cards were signed in Sharpie. I was told this by a reputable dealer but I cant say for sure as Ive only seen the pen version Ive never actually seen a sharpie one.

    Hope this helps,

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    i have one...a real one according to my local card i am a relative of jim(cousin) and before mrs.kelly passed away she passed this card to it came from the kelly family how cool is that?

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