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Thread: Buying 1998 SAGE Autographs

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    Arrow Buying 1998 SAGE Autographs

    I am buying select 1998 SA-GE Basketball autographs.

    I especially need:

    Red Autos of: Tracy McGrady, Stephon Marbury, Olowokandi, and Rashard Lewis.

    I also need Platinum Autos of:

    Kobe Bryant, Tyronne Lue, Vince Carter, Jason Williams

    I have these for sale/trade (if interested):

    Stephon Marbury Silver /65 PSA 8
    Antawn Jamison Bronze /600 PSA 9
    Tracy McGrady Bronze /70 PSA 8

    LMK what you have!

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    I could actually also use any autos (other than Red) of Brad Miller too.


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