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    Steve Garvey & George Foster auto'd jersey cards for trade !

    I have 2 cards from 2004 Donruss Classics Team Colors Combos Signature for trade.

    TC-2 Steve Garvey #'d 9/100 The card shows Garvey in his dodgers uniform. The jesrsey swatch is white with a brown stripe from his Padres uniform. The auto has "MVP 74" under his name. BV is $25

    TC-23 George Foster #'d 55/100 The cards shoe Foster in his Reds uniform. The jersey swatch is from his Reds uniform. BV is $25

    I'm looking for other auto'd jersey cards or autograph cards. I would like to get something from the players in my sig but I will consider all offers. I'll take pics of both cards in a few minutes & add them when I'm done.


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    I need the Foster :)
    LMk if you see anything on my site.


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    fairbc, sorry for not replying earlier. I was trying to get the pics up & the site was screwing up while I was trying. If I don't get offered anything that I need for my personal collection, I may trade the Foster for your Jack Morris from the same set.


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