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Thread: prestige break

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    prestige break

    not very good but here it is:
    Gridiron Heritage Aaron Brooks
    Changing stripes dual jersey Jerry Rice (one in 49ers jersey/one in radiers jersey) #91/225

    lots of rookie base cards (lmk if you need anyone)

    draft picks lee evans

    xtra points dwight freeley #ed/75

    gamers ray lewis #ed/250

    thats about all thats any good :confuse:

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    is that evans an insert or just a base rookie...

    I would like first shot at it if its an insert


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    its an insert 1 per box i believe, going shark fishing right now, back in about 2 hours!

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    ooooooooook shark fishing.. actually sounds fun :D hope you do good

    give me a bv estimate on what you need we go from there


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    only caught a little blue fish and a 5' shark, kept the blue fish, let the shark go.....for the evans i just got an email offering $10 -$15 in trade, so i'd be looking for something near there

    troyer - sorry no mcgahee's this time!

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    big ben? sorry for being ignorant! i'm guessing you mean ben rothlesberger? and if thats right i did get his base rookie card!! or is big ben, ben troupe? lol i got his rc as well!!!

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    akoch- rothlesberger - sorry bout that im a steeler fan and thats what hes known buy to us my fault what would u want for that i busted a box of ultra and got a sean taylor and jon vilma rc

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    taylor is the only guy i'll be collecting from this year rookies, i think i traded for the ultra taylor a few days ago, is it the regular version or the gold medallion?

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