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    Need 04 Prestige Rookies! Help me out

    Here are the couple I have left, let me know if you can help, thanks!

    Any help is appreciatted,

    151 Eli Manning
    156 Roy Williams -coming in-
    160 Jonathan Vilma
    164 DJ Williams
    166 Kenechi Udeze
    167 Vince Wilford
    172 Jason Babin
    180 R Colclough
    182 Ben Troupe
    192 Sean Jones
    198 D Darling
    202 L McCown
    206 C Cobbs
    214 Jeff Smoker
    219 Maurice Clarett
    220 Mike Williams

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    no? maybe its the wrong link you placed or something, but i need 2004 prestige rookies mentioned above, and nothing on the page were of cards I mentioned.

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    there is a DJ Williams RC in there, it is the short printed version of the regular base card...ser #'d to 75.

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    really? hmm, sorry this set is confusing me with the rookies, som are short print some are not. So its not the Xtra Points parrallel? I would really like to work a deal if its the real rookie, sorry about that

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    thats the xtra points parrallel card though...all rookies have that parrallel to my knowledge...this set is confusing...if anyone knows anything about this let me know, thanks!

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    I've probably got a ton of those!! I bought a couple of boxes and not many rc's did i not get

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    hagansp: Some of the rookies, such as Clarett, are short printed. None are serial numbered though.

    There are 3-4 Xtra point parallels. To my knowledge I know the Purple are /75, and the Black are /25.

    Hope this helps.

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    so which variation is the real rookie then, if i am collecting the set?

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