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Thread: looking for these players

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    looking for these players

    looking for mark mulder , barry zito , bret boone , freddy garcia and willie mccovey pm me and let me know who your looking for ive got almost all players to trade

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    What are you looking for...just commons? Game used? Autos? I have a couple autos of Zito and Mulder with scans on my you have a list of autos you have for trade?

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    whats the bv on both of them and since you like cubs i have a cole liniak auto card i know he was a big prospect for them but havent heard much about him lately dont realy have any star autos that i would part with mostly younger players

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    Liniak's on the Rangers, last I heard. The Zito is $60 and the Mulder is $30. Do you have a list of autos you have for trade? I can always add stuff to even it out. I just want to know what you have too see if we can work something out.

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