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Thread: my trade page

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    my trade page

    I would rather sell but i will trade. my trade page is in my sig. I don;t have much baskettball but check out what i do have if you like.

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    i like the amare 5/5....what would you want in trade BV-wise?

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    Im not sure. I can;t realy go by bv so I have no idea. do you have any football stuff?

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    no football stuff here, except for some higher #ed junk, out of the Amares league

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    ok. well i just don;t collect much bball mainly looking to sell what i have of it.

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    I like a few things on your site, the bobby jackson auto, the amare 5/5, ivan rodriguez auto, and possibly the roy oswalt auto.

    Im really trying to clear out my football, so hopefully we can work something out, the only thing im not to keen of trading is the warner auto #/25, everything else though is FT...

    BTW check my graded section, I have some nice graded football in there.


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