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Thread: why?

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    why is this going so high? I have this card already and thought it was a regular rc....

    this one seems high:

    this one seems about where i thought it would be:

    look at the differences in price between all these cards:

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    Sometimes people just get lucky like that and they happen to have the only one on at the time. When a person wants a card they WILL pay for it.. Especially if they are in a bidding war with another ebayer.

    that is about the only reason I can think of


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    Actually that first auction looks like the Platinum Medallion to me, the second looks like a reg. As for the list of Taylor auctions Ive noticed a large price range in alot of auctions due to things like, time of day auction ends and like Pr0phet said how many were listed at that time and so fourth.


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    look at the $17.50 bidder.... notice his name? :D Thats why ;)

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