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Thread: Niners get a WR

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    Niners get a WR
    He'll be a great mentor for our young receivers. I've met him on numerous occasions and he's a class act. He used to live about two miles from me. A very nice pickup for the Niners.

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    Wow, that is a great pickup for the. Conway will be great for the young receivers. I'm still not sure though who is going to fill TO's spot!

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    Brandon Lloyd will in due time. He's a phenomenal athlete.

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    I am still hoping that the Niners re-sign Jerry Rice for his final season.

    I don't understand why they signed Conway - he ain't that good, even in his prime

    He came out of USC all hyped up.............

    much like Keyshawn Johnson

    both of them couldn't make up 1/2 a Jerry Rice.

    Very disappointed the Niners signed Conway.

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