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Thread: hey.. many things contained :)

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    Talking hey.. many things contained :)

    well its my b-day saturday.. for real. .. and wanted u to know that.. and you can send me a little something something if u want lol..

    but thats not the only reason why im writing htis :)


    Well as always i ahve team lots for sale for 1-2 bux depending on team more then likely 1 bux (help me out wit b-day money :))

    but also I really wanna sell these two cards

    2003-04 Sp Authentic Tracy McGrady/REece Gaines Dual Jsy #ed/50 bv 30 BUT TMAC IS 2 COLOR!!!

    2003-04 Topps Carmelo Anthony
    and anyhting else on my site

    so please post here.. or pm me...
    IM Doing this because i want to get rid of all mycards besides ridnour SOON

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    I need this:
    2003-04 Fleer Traditon Throwback Threads Travis Outlaw 2 color Jsy bv 12 (would like 15 bv)

    Is $3 dlvd. good?

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    its on ebay rihgt now.. for 25 cents ... and 2 bux shipping.. so put a bid in :)


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    Hey I would be interested in the tmac and gaines GU check my site and lmk what you want for it

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