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Thread: WTTF/WTB Merkin Valdez

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    WTTF/WTB Merkin Valdez

    Im looking for any and all Merkin Valdez cards. Ill trade or buy.

    Im to lazy to finish my site so sorry, however feel free to request a few people or teams or whatever (also basketball) and Ill see what GU/Autos I have of them


    (BTW if looking to sell feel free to make an offer.)

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    I have an Auto on my site.....Im looking for Star/Future Star Baseball or Football Autos in trade.

    Make an offer

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    i have a few autos of merkin. what good rookies do you have to trade

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    One final bump before I give up on this topic. Cmon someone has to have his Cracker Jack or Chrome Rookies.

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