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Thread: 2004 lee evans wants

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    2004 lee evans wants

    lmk what u got

    Press Pass

    22 blue
    Certified Auth. Autograph Cards bronze, silver, gold.

    Sage Hit

    Autograph emerald, silver and gold
    Q&A Autograph
    Write Stuff Auto
    Jersey card LE

    Fleer Ultra


    Press Pass Signature

    First Down 6
    Old School 14
    Autos. 8 bronze, silver, gold, blue

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    you got any doubles.. I got two sage gold autos I could trde one on a different auto


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    no autos but i got a emmitt smith gu'd from 2002 pacific adrenaline, bv $30.....lmk

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    I'll get back to you if interested on that. I would prefer a Lee evans auto in return since I only have 2 different ones but depending on if i can move the emmitt then we will work something out


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