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Thread: Who needs 2004 bowman gold?

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    Who needs 2004 bowman gold?

    I have alot of these lmk if you want them. I will only trade for 2004 bowman cards, Bowman game used or autos. the 2004 bowman I need are 327,326,216,217,278,198,192,149,136,127,92,83,54,

    lmk thanks
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    Hi Dbacks1,

    I have the following 04 Bowman for you:
    Hav any double FY RC from this set you wanna trade?

    The James Houser Auto you like is probably in a trade so I'm sorry about that. If the trade is off (chances are good because he hasn't responded for a few days) you have the first right! Sorry.



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