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Thread: Looking for Vick GU

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    Looking for Vick GU

    Looking for Vick GU...anyone have any they are looking to move? Thanks!


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    02 fleer platinum portraits
    looking for cards in my link in sig

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    2003 Upper Deck Game Jersey #'d 54/99 BV $50

    LMK if interested.

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    hey josh, I emailed this guy who has an 03 Leaf Limited Monikers Drew Bledsoe with the NFL logo patch factory stamped 1/1. no, its not one of those fake patches, on leaf's 1/1s they all have the nfl logo patch. he had it on ebay but his reserve wasnt met, so i emailed him to see if he still had it and how much money he wanted for it. if he still has it and I get some details, ill give u his email address because that would be an awesome card to put in your great bledsoe collection. hopefully you have a credit card, because i dont think this will be cheap!

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    lummox-Yes, interested..please see if I have anything of interest.

    portisfan26-LOL...yeah, I watched that on Ebay with great interest. Couldn't do anything about it at the time. That would be great if you got info on this. I think Ebutters was his/her Ebay name. Let me know what you find out! Thanks bud!

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    The only 2 I could find were the Donruss Elite DeShaun Foster (BV ?) and the Freshman Fabric Chad Johnson (BV ?)

    I'm at work right now so I don't have a guide with me for BV's.

    LMK what those 2 book. To trade down a Vick I'd probably need a few bucks in my favour. If those 2 combine for less, another rookie year Chad Johnson would be nice. LMK

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    $600 + shipping is what the guy said. He needs what he has in it. Still interested? If so, I'll give you his email addy.

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