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Thread: 2002 Topps Baseball cards

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    2002 Topps Baseball cards

    Guys I need the whole 2nd series of 2002 Topps Baseball. If anyone wants to sell me the cards they have for $0.05 a card i'll take them. but I need all of them from 365 I believe on to the end! Thanks

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    hey, ill get you a list for $0.05 each..i should have around 200

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    well, i only have 21 from 2002 second series...ill sell you them all for $1.50...lmk (i need like a little bit to ship)

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    Sorry i'm looking for a large quantity of them so I can start it off nicely...thanks though

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    I have around 93 different from the second series. How about $4.50 for the cards and $1.75 for shipping so $6.25 delivered. LMK what you think.


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    I'll keep you in mind because I just bid on a box last night and I think i'm going to win it. It ends tonight on ebay so if I dont win it ill get in touch with you tonight.

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