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Thread: Rate my Kobe Collection

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    Thumbs up Rate my Kobe Collection

    I am looking to add to it (only wu, jsy, ss cards). I will trade in your favor. QUEST 4 KOBE!

    Kobe Collection

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    its nice, i cant believe how many of the gu basketball cards use warmups...

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    very nice, theres a kobe/jordan dual jersey #/100 on ebay now, BV is $250, BIN is $85, that was last night, not sure about it now.

    Great collection so far, ill let you know if I ever pull in any kobes!

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    I need the nash/nowitzki dual, and the nowitzki patch(mainly the 2 color one)

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    Nice collection of Kobe's. On a scale of 1-10, I'd give it a 7 or so. I love the GU's, but, I'm a big believer in those RC year tough pull inserts or RC cards. Still, there a ton of Kobe's I'd love to own, lol. Keep up the sweet collection.

    Dave. :fro:

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