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    Looking to make some trades! Check my site and wantlist. If you don't got anything on my site, leave a site or list anyway. Thanks.

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    Like the Dallas McPherson autograph. I could do a Vladimir 1998 SP Authentic Chiro. Auto ($40) for the Mcherson auto, the Snelling auto, and the McGowan auto

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    ^^ I can do that. You are going to have to send first, inside a bubble mailer and toploader.

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    Nice, PM me addy and I will do the same. Can you post it?

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    2002 Flair Power Tools BAT Bernie Williams 28 $8.00

    I dont have anything on your want list but i would like this card. Check out my WWW

    Thanks Bye

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    I can use your bonds or pujols jsy. Is there anything I can throw in?

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    2004 Leaf Shirt Off My Back JSY Nomar Garciaparra SOMB-1 $10.00
    2002 Flair Power Tools BAT Bernie Williams 28 $8.00

    these two for the Bonds- I'll send first- and send you two bucks in the deal?

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    So you are going to send me the bonds and 2 dollars for the nomar and bernie.

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