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Thread: Players total card counts....

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    Players total card counts....

    How would i find out how many cards Dwyane Wade has in total??? I pretty much know i can never get ALL of his 03-04 cards but it's fun trying to get what i can lol

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    on in 'my collections' you can search any player and it gives you a check list of all that players cards, if you arent registered its free

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    ouch...and his count is going to reach thousands by the time his career is done.

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    lmao so very true, i'm still trying to get the first auto from him, but they go really high on ebay, doing good on inserts/base but that's just ave cards lol. I'll win out on 1 for sure tho lol

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    wow you got a long way to go, lucky one of my favorite player has only got 31 cards.

    BTW- i have a bazooka gold RC of wade

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    lol tell me about it, but 1 things for sure i can get excited about basketball here in miami again lol...

    I already have that card, but i wouldn't mind trading for it if you wanna trade, check my trade lists and lmk in PM, thanks.

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