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    Baseball For Basketball or Hockey
    Looking for 2004 Julius Erving Auto, LeBron, Jordan GU, Carmelo, Flyers GU/autos, Hockey autos young stars,
    Golf gu and autos LMK, Thanks

    I want Basketball and Hockey
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    there is a lot off your site I like (camelo's) what are your specific wants? I'm not sure from this posting - do you want baseball in exchange for your basketball or the other way around? I have some basketball gu & auto's if you are interested - lmk - thanks
    Needs: Brewers Pitcher Mark Rogers '04 pick
    Red Sox - HOF & Current Players
    Current Patriots Cards
    Larry Bird, Carmelo/Lebron/Wade RC's

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    I am interested in this:
    00 Pacific Roger Cedeno Auto
    Is it certified? I might be interested in some other things as well. Do you like any of the Hockey Autos on my site?

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    03/04 UD Glass Shane Battier Auto #SB

    I looked at your site and would really need this card. Would there be anything else that you would consider trading for? Also how much does it book for?

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    03/04 Finest Howard Eisley #25 ------------ #52/250

    Forgot to add that one in too.

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    Are you looking to get out of baseball, cuz I have some basketball game used/autos(none of the people you posted that you are looking for)but I am trying to get out of basketball and could use lots of your baseball stuff. PLMK.

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    interested in these have a bunch of 95-96 bap autos and some others lmk+

    04 Donruss Elite Ablert Pujols Passin The Torch #PT-6 #268/500
    04 Showcase Albert Pujols Legacy Collection #4L #264/1000
    01 Stadium Club Reel Time Albert Pujols #RT19
    03 Bowmans Best Tyler Adamczyk Auto #BB-TA

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    would you be interested in an 03-04 sp game used marty turco auto?? if so pm me

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    Ive got

    03-04 bowman lebron rc bv40
    03-04 victory lebron rc bv15
    03-04 mvp rising to the occasion lebron insert bv12

    98-99 fleer lucky 13 jason williams bv50

    I like:
    03 Bowman Heritage Rickie Weeks Auto #SG-RW
    03 Topps finest A-Rod GU Jersey FRJ-AR
    02 Playoff Vladimir Guerrero Jersye #POG-89
    02 Pristine A-Rod GU Bat #IG-AR #76/425
    02 Pristine A-Rod GU Jersey #PP-AR #687/1000
    94 Bowmans Torii Hunter RC #104

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