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    Everything For Sale Baseball/Football/Basketball GU [Trade List Inside!]

    Please make an offer and we will go from there


    2001 SP Game-Used Edition Authentic Fabric Fred McGriff (with stripe). BV: $15.00

    2002 Fleer MLB Hot Prospects Alex Rodriguez. BV: $15.00 (Small crease, looking for BV: $10.00)

    2002 Upper Deck Prospect Premiers Ricky Barrett JSY XRC. BV: $8.00

    2002 Fleer Authentix Jersey AuthenTIX Jeff Bagwell. BV: $15.00

    2003 Fleer Hot Prospects Brett Myers #d 0927/1250. BV: $8.00

    2003 Upper Deck Finite First Class Game Jersey Randy Johnson (with stripe). BV: $10.00

    2004 Donruss Timelines Material Mike Piazza. BV: $10.00

    2004 Donruss Diamond Cut Jerseys Garret Anderson. BV: $15.00


    2002 Upper Deck Vintage Timeless Teams Game Bat Quads Tom Glavine/Greg Maddux/Chipper Jones/Andruw Jones. BV: $50.00

    2003 Playoff Piece of the Game Bronze Albert Pujols #d 042/150. BV: $20.00


    2002 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Ultimate Signatures Gary Sheffield #d 05/24. BV: Too Rare To Price


    1997 Collector's Edge Game Ball Kobe Bryant. BV: $25.00

    1997 Collector's Edge Game Ball Stephon Marbury. BV: $8.00

    2000-2001 Fleer Game Time Uniformity Stephon Marbury. BV: $15.00

    2000-2001 Black Diamond Game Gear Kevin Garnett. BV: $15.00

    2000-2001 Fleer Feel The Game Gary Payton. BV: $20.00

    2000-2001 Fleer Feel the Game Lamar Odom. BV: $20.00 (extremly small chipping right below upper right corner, asking $15.00 BV)

    2001 Fleer Hardwood Classics Game Used Court Marcus Camby. BV: $12.00

    2001-2002 Upper Deck Flight Team UD Jersey Jams Karl Malone. BV: $20.00

    2001-2002 Fleer Genuine Names of the Game Tracy McGrady. BV: $25.00

    2001-2002 Fleer Focus Trading Places Jerseys Corey Maggette (Dual Jsy). BV: $20.00

    2001-2002 Fleer Platinum National Patch Time Jason Terry. BV: $15.00

    2001-2002 Upper Deck Sweet Shot Game Jerseys Kenyon Martin. BV: $15.00

    2001-2002 Upper Deck Ovation Superstar Warm-Ups Michael Finley. BV: $15.00

    2001-2002 Upper Deck Playmakers PC Shooting Shirt Gold Michael Finley. BV: $30.00

    2001-2002 Topps TCC Challenging the Champ Stephon Marbury. BV: $15.00

    2001-2002 Topps TCC Challenging the Champ Jason Terry. BV: $15.00

    2001-2002 Upper Deck Inspirations Hardwood Imagery Combo Stephon Marbury/Shawn Marion. BV: $15.00

    2001-2002 Fleer Showcase Best of the West Game Used Warm-Up Elton Brand. BV: $15.00

    2001-2002 Fleer Showcase Beasts of the East Kenyon Martin. BV: $20.00

    2001-2002 Upper Deck Sweet Shot Game Jerseys Jason Terry. BV: $15.00

    2002-2003 SPx Winning Combos Shawn Marion/Stephon Marbury. BV: $20.00

    2002-2003 Topps Jersey Edition Fred Jones R. BV: $12.00

    2002-2003 Topps Jersey Edition Ben Wallace H. BV: $12.00

    2002-2003 Topps Jersey Edition Jermaine O'Neal H (White+Dark Blue). BV: $12.00

    2002-2003 Flair Court Kings Game Used Antoine Walker. BV: $12.00

    2003-2004 Topps Pristine Factor Relics Darell Armstrong. BV: $12.00

    2003-2004 Upper Deck Sweet Shot Jerseys Amare Stoudemire. BV: $15.00

    2003-2004 Upper Deck MVP Materials Warmups Joseph Forte. BV: $10.00

    2003-2004 Upper Deck Hardcourt Floor/Fabric Combos Allen Iverson. BV: $30.00

    2003-2004 Upper Deck Honor Roll Dual Warm-Ups Mike Bibby/Richard Jefferson. BV: ??? (Want BV: $10.00)

    Football Jerseys:

    2001 Private Stock Game Worn Gear David Boston. BV: $15.00

    2001 Fleer Hot Prospects Scoring Kings. BV: $15.00

    2002 Upper Deck Kick-Off Classics LaDainian Tomlinson. BV: $12.00

    2002 Playoff Prestige League Leader Tandems Materials Troy Brown/Keyshawn Johnson. BV: $20.00

    2002 UD Authentics Glory Bound Julius Peppers. BV: $12.00

    2003 Bowman Fabric of the Future Anquan Boldin A. BV: $15.00

    2003 Ultra Touchdown Kings Memorabilia Brett Favre. BV: $30.00

    2003 Fleer Mystique Shining Stars Jerseys David Carr #d 094/250. BV: $20.00

    2003 Fleer Authentix Ticket Studs Jerseys Peyton Manning. BV: $15.00 (I have 2 of these)

    Football Rookies:

    2003 Score Terrell Suggs RC. BV: $2.00

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    How much do you want for your Pujols Bronze Bat? Would you trade? PLMK.

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