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Thread: Looking for Miguel Cabrera....

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    Looking for Miguel Cabrera....

    Looking to trade for Miguel Cabrera cards, post what ya have take a look at my trade lists and lmk, thnxs.

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    I have a 04 Topps Finest Cabrera GU Bat and a 00 Topps Traded RC(HTG). PLMK ify ou are interested in either of these cards.

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    Seen anything in my trade list for a possible trade for either of those cards?

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    Dont think that it is in the book yet. Looking for it to probably be $15. PLMK if that is OK.

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    These 3 are BV for $9 total...

    2003 Fleer Hot Prospects Cream of the Crop Albert Pujols Card# 12 of 15 CC
    2003 Fleer Focus Jersey Edition Franchise Focus Albert Pujols Card# 18 of 20 SS
    2003 Fleer Focus Jersey Edition Albert Pujols Card# 70

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    Well I dont really wanna trade down. I have the First one anyways, but would like another. Would it still be alright if I found some of the players from the teams you need for those 3 Pujols? PLMK.

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    you happen to have any Dwyane Wade cards by any chance lol?

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