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    I would prefer to trade these for baseball cards, but if you have any of the people on my website, I might take that too.

    2002 Press Pass
    DeShaun Foster
    Mike Pearson
    Phillip Buchanon
    Andre Davis
    Damien Anderson

    2002 Donruss Classics
    Plaxico Burress

    2002 Leaf Certified
    Terell Owens
    Drew Bledsoe
    Antonio Freeman
    Warren Sapp

    2002 Playoff Honors
    Zach Thomas
    Ahman Green
    Tim Brown
    Rich Gannon

    2002 Score
    Jeff Garcia
    Jake Reed
    Curtis Conway
    T.J Houshmandzadeh
    Terance Mathis
    Adrian Peterson RC

    2003 UD MVP
    Grant Wistrom
    Scotty Anderson
    Dorsey Levens
    Drew Bledsoe
    Kerry Collins

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