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Thread: Corey Patterson Auto FT

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    Corey Patterson Auto FT

    I have this nice Corey Patterson Auto FT if anyone is interested....only looking for Autos in return.

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    i like it to, check my site, lmk what you need C


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    Braves86: I like this--04 flair josh beckett auto 50/100

    Bone: I like this--2003 SPx Young Stars Mark Teixeira GU/Autograph # YS-MT #'d 0967/1295

    I can add stuff to equal out if need be.

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    the beckett isnt booked yet........what kinda bv would you think on it?

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    Hey, I thought you just told me the other you probably weren't trading this ? I'm still defiantely interested. LMK if we can work something out for my Zito auto bv $25


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    That Tex auto will be going back to the guy i bought it off of from ebay, it has some damage, and i forgot to take it off my site, sorry...anything else, lmk


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    Braves: I don't know... $25....LMK as I've been looking to get a Beckett auto? I'd give you the patterson and one of my $10 autos for it. Or since you said you were looking for Rookies, I can give you the patterson and a $15 Jeter Rookie.

    Rick: I'd trade it for the right deal. I like the Zito but I'm not really that interested in Best cards. Since I have some ties with Corey(Playing high school near me and graduating with my
    cousin), I would only trade it for something I really really want.

    Bone--The Tex is really the only thing I saw that was not in your PC.

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    no thanks on the $25 bv......i was thinkin it would book 40 or more...i paid what you think the bv is LOL so we probably wont be able to work a deal

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