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Thread: Looking for Laker refractors

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    Looking for Laker refractors

    plmk what you have thanks

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    i have the '03-'04 topps chrome refractor of shaq....lmk if you need it

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    03-04 Hoops Hot Prospects Hot Materials Tracy Mcgrady /500 HM-TM (is this gu?) if so i'd give you the shaq refractor for it

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    Eaaman no not for 1/2 book maybe 1/2 low book

    akoch the mcgrady is a gu and books 20 Bddr was interested in it and we made a deal but we have not confirmed and he has been gone for a while ill let you know asap

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    02-03 Topps Chrome Shaq Ref.

    I need maybe $1 or anything in my pro

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