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Thread: Re did my site

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    Re did my site

    My site got messed up so I was able to fix it and add some new cards, everybody please check it out, im looking for topps reitred autos, vladimir, griffey jr. and prospects/up comming star autos. Yankees./ Bowman Set needs

    Edit: Also I need all 2003 Bowman Draft Autographs.. I have none except Weeks and Young
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    I need that Benson auto...but the only auto I have is a 02 Select Rookies and Prospects Marcus Giles auto. No idea what BV is on that. And I hate to sound like know how that goes. LMK what you want to do.


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    I could be intersted in that Giles, let me know if you find out the book value, other than that I didnt find anything I am in need of, please let me know though

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    02 Select Auto's are not priced. Your best opition is to check sales on ebay.


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    I like the Dontrelle Willis Stand Outs jersey card and the Angel Berroa Originals auto. You can check out my site at

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