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Thread: Looking for Felix Pie

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    Looking for Felix Pie

    I'm going to start collecting this Cubs prospect, the only card I have of him is an 04 Cracker Jack mini blue, so lmk what you have.

    And lmk who you want in return.

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    Ive got a Bowman Draft RC.
    Looking for most anything in my sig...mainly other White Sox player's RC's.

    Thanks, and LMK.

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    I couldn't find any white sox rc's, but I found a lot of base of them.


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    not really looking for base cards in return, have any rc's that are around the same bv's?

    thanks, and plmk.

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    Bergsautos- I could trade you like 5-6 rc's for the bdp

    Billsfan- I only have one McGahee card, and it's an auto, and I can't get rid of that. What do you collect in baseball?

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    what players' would i be getting?

    Thanks, and PLMK

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    Manuel Ramirez, Walter Young, Derell McCall, Jason Perry, Kevin Youkilis


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