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Thread: Pack Break 2004 Press Pass!!!

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    Exclamation Pack Break 2004 Press Pass!!!

    I am psyched. I went to a new card store today. One that my father recommended to me. I usually collect baseball cards, but being a Giants fan; I've kind of gotten into the Eli Manning hype. Anyway, I decide I'm going to see what I can get out of one of the higher end packs. I buy my $20 pack of Press Pass. Decide to open it right there in the store... First card, Ben Watson, who cares, second, devery henderson, better, third Teddy Lehman, Next card, I see the autograph, looks like an Ole Miss jersey on that quarterback. Its true, Eli Manning autograph, but it gets better its #34/50, that's right 50, the blue version. Which I can't even find a book value for; the gold which is out of 100 is $300 hi, so I'm guessing its around a bv$400??? If anybody knows a price, or has seen a sale it would be helpful. Needless to say, I am fairly excited. Oh, and the last card was a Casey Clausen Old School insert.

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    Super pull man, makes you think about buyiing those big packs more often eh.


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    um..i'll be back...i need to pick my jaw up off the floor.GOD I wish I had luck like that!!!

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    Clarification: it was Press Pass Signature Edition, so I was guaranteed an auto or gamer, but still a one in a few hundred thousand pull, and still a jaw dropper.

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    Re: Pack Break 2004 Press Pass!!!

    Originally posted by garf112
    First card, Ben Watson, who cares
    um...I care... I am a Ben Watson collector. Any chance of trading or selling it?
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