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    Anyone In Need Of 2004 Donruss Classics Base/Inserts??

    I have some Base as well as the rookies and inserts below. I am looking for mainly my Cracker Jack needs and Austin Kearns Base. LMK What you need and what you have.


    Jamie Brown 1075/1999
    John Gall 1020/1999


    Fergie Jenkins 2179/2499
    Eddie Murray 0885/2499

    Timeless Tributes
    Alex Rodriguez 58/100

    Jack Morris 1914/1999
    Jim Bunning 1591/1999

    Legendary Lumberjacks (Non GU)
    Yogi Berra 62/1000
    Roger Clemens 623/1000

    Legendary Spikes (Non GU)
    Andre Dawson 50/100

    Legendary Jerseys (Non GU)
    Lou Gehrig 302/500

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