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    03-04 Fleer Focus Box Break (good pulls)

    Kyle Boller RC- bv $12
    Tim Brown Numbers Century Parallel- bv $8
    Donovan McNabb Gold Parallel- bv $15
    Donovan McNabb Silver Parallel- bv $25
    Ashley Lelie Numbers Century Parallel- bv $8
    Jeff Garcia Numbers Century Parallel- bv $8
    Emmit Smith Shirtified Jerseys 175- bv $20
    Donovan McNabb Emerald Focus- bv $5
    Edgerrin James Emerald Focus Jerseys 250- bv $10

    I got some good pulls in there, and the best thing is that im from Philly and i got 3 Donovan McNabb inserts in one box.

    I got a lot of doubles if anyone wants to trade. I only need 6 cards for the regular players, but i need a lot of rookies.

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