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Thread: 6 pack Prestige break

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    6 pack Prestige break

    Devery henderson
    Dwan Edwards
    Quincy Wilson
    Jason Fife
    Chris Perry
    Phillip Rivers
    Also Pulled a MVP McNair jersey
    and 2 Super Bowl Inserts {Going to Matt_Curren}
    Everything but the Pats stuff is going to Curren if you want the rookies lmk.

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    what are you looking for for the rookies? im going to start to put this set together

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    nice pulls.
    Collect Cleveland Browns/ BOSTON BRUINS/ Boston College Eagles/ROOKIES,Patches/Autos


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    Just got back home , I ran back to the shop and bought a box. I liked these so much I decided to put together the set. I will list the box break later.

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