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    Question for Users About Shipping Rates

    Mods, very sorry about this but I need an immediate response

    I was wondering how much this would cost to ship USPS or UPS. Now, USPS said it'd cost $6-$7 to delivered (i checked this online) but that seems very cheap and I doubt it.

    I am sending a box of 2000 baseball cards. Here are the statistics:

    Weight: 12 pounds

    Box Size:

    Length: 21 inches
    Width: 11 inches
    Height: 7 inches

    Sending From Zip Code: 01752
    Sending To Zip Code: 11518

    Please let me know. I need results! Thanks!

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    I did some checking for you, and it looks like (not surprisingly) your best bet would be FedEx. According to your measurements and destination, FedEx is 6.35, which includes tracking and 100 of insurance. USPS is 6.54 plus .45 tracking and 1.30 insurance, and UPS is always way more. If there is a FedEx near you I would definetly go for that.

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    yeah...i was so surprised..i had friends telling me it'd be around $15 to send! Thats so great to know. Thanks

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