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Thread: Upper Deck Surprise!!!

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    Upper Deck Surprise!!!

    A little bit of a story here, but i will try to keep it short. Well as many of you know... about a month ago Upper Deck sent me as a replacement for my damaged Autographed Joe DiMaggio Poster from 02 SP, $300 worth of GU and graded cards. I expressed to them that i was very disappointed with what i had received and they responded that in a week i would "receive something special." it took a little longer than that and was sent to the wrong address, but eventually i got it.

    a framed picture upper deck authenticated #'d 35/50 Autographed Mark McGwire! I wish i had my digital camera working, arggghhh! But it has a picture of mcgwire swinging. in the top left corner of the picture there is the St. Louis Cardinals Full Patch, in the bottom left corner is a baseball card with the number 25 in the top right corner of the card, inside the 25 is a piece of gu jsy (white), and on the bottom of the card is a cut autograph from mcgwire! On top of that they let me keep my $300 worth of gu and graded! On top of that... 4kids came through big time and traded me a nice conditioned Joe DiMaggio Autograph poster from 02 SP (what i went through all of this with Upper Deck to begin with). Thanks again Shawn! And thanks everyone else, I know it was a long read!

    By the way, these are the GU and graded:
    99-00 ud legendary jsy #LB-J Bird 120 Traded
    01 UD Game Gear #101 Vick jsy #'d 339/500 120
    01 Upper Deck #239 Vick BGS 9 $50
    03 Upper Deck City Heights Sportflic Lebron James $15

    All are for trade, except the McGwire... that's heading to the PC and on my office wall!

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    Congrats! After that long ordeal, I'm glad to know that card companies still treat us collectors like fellow human beings. :)

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    Wow, that's great! It's nice that they gave you something big to make up for it. Four cards to equal the value of such a large one didn't quite cut it.
    It's nice to hear they came through for you.

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    it took a lot of effort, but it was worth it in the end. this whole ordeal lasted about a year and a half!

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