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Thread: 2003-2004 Fleer Focus

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    2003-2004 Fleer Focus

    I got a bunch of doubles and im trying to complete the set. If anyone has any from this set lmk if you wanna trade. I'd really appreciate anyone taking the time to go through their doubles.

    Im pretty new so dont worry about my low feedback. Ive only traded twice. First time everything was fine and the second time i sent my cards and the other guy never sent his. I am an honest person which is more than i can say about superman23. I went out of my way to find a Chris Kaman card in my collection for him and he never sent his cards.

    I need for 03-04 Fleer Focus:

    #'s 12, 29, 42, 65, 68, 101


    121, 122, 124-126, 129, 131-140, 144, 146-151, 153-160

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    Im in the middle of putting a site together. What do you wanna know?

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