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Thread: Any Lee Suggs fans?

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    Any Lee Suggs fans?

    Just got my Lee Suggs Class Marks redemption in today(bv $50).
    Let me know if you are interested.

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    allstar004 is .. shes one of the nicest people on her... hook her up wit an im.. she'll prolly be intersted


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    thanks Jared :) yeah he's right though,I'm very interested in that.LMK what you're looking for and check out my page,I'll defenitely trade in your favor to get that one.


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    Do you have anything else not listed on your site. I didn't really see anything.

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    I'll make an offer for it....

    -2003 Upper Deck SPx Rod Gardner Supreme Signatures Autograph BV $15.00
    -2003 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Ladell Betts Rookie Autograph seq. #ed 284/550 BV $30.00
    -2003 Topps Laveranues Coles Autograph BV $15.00
    -2003 Sage Taylor Jacobs Red Autograph seq. #ed 591/700 BV $10.00
    -2003 Playoff Honors Taylor Jacobs Rookie Gems Jersey (maroon) seq. #ed 136/700 BV $8.00

    Those are all my Redskins autos. LMK if you would do that trade or if we can work something out.


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    If you don't work something out with Allstar004 LMK. I'd be interested.

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