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Thread: What is this card??

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    What is this card??

    Firstly hey guys.. first post here!! :)

    I have this card & I have no clue what it is...

    The card back states it's 92-93 Upper Deck & the front says "Team MVP".

    The card is of Shawn Kemp & is numbered #25.

    Ok, there is Team MVP in 92-93 UD, BUT, they look different than this & Robinson is #25 in 92-93 UD Team MVP.... my card has a checkered background with a large hologram on it & black in the bottom right & most of the bottom of the card.

    Any help?


    Collecting AI & Westbrook

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    Hi, Mr Gribble :D.
    These cards were sold if my memory serves me correctly in one box type pack as a set like 93-94 Holojams. Ive attached the pic, is this the one? Got the picture from ebay.

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    That's the one!

    Thanks bread man! :)

    Collecting AI & Westbrook

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