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    I need your help. I need all Baldelli cards, except his base. I would trade, use CC or buy. LMK what you have and check my site.


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    I have an 04 Flair Power Tools Rocco Baldelli 3 Color Patch /125. The colors from bottom to top go: White, Blue, White, Blue, White, Green. Only looking for other patch cards in return. LMK.

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    I could use that. I could trade a Randy Johnson patch that is on my site (check near the bottom) BV $20 for it, LMK.

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    I have this:

    2004 Fleer Showcase "Showcase Grace" #15SG (non gu) BV-$3

    and I know you said you dont need base, but i have this:

    2003 Topps 205 #123 BV-$2

    I could sell the Showcase Grace alone for $1 + SASE or do both for $2.50 delivered. LMK

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    I didn't see the Johnson patch? How many colors is it??
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    dannyboy19- I don't need those, thanks.
    VladFan- I must not have scanned it. It is 5 colors, three different, with small portions of the patch on both the top and bottom. I'll have a scan by tommorrow. I'll let you know


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    Cool, Thanks. I am definitly interested in it!


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    I have a gu Baldelli from 2003 BDP, check my site..Thanks


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    Vladfan- Attached is a picture of the card, LMK if you will trade your Baldelli patch for it, it is 100/290 and 5 colors, and it looks better tahn the scan.

    boneyard- I could use it, check my site and LMK (if there's a Pujols GU there it's already been sold)

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    Sure I'll trade the Baldelli for that Johnson patch. Please PM me with your address!


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