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Thread: Any Kemp collectors here?

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    Any Kemp collectors here?

    I'm looking to sell off my whole kemp collection to focus on more active players I collect .. may put them on ebay but also wanna see if their is any interest here.

    I've haven't counted them in awhile but I've got about 600+ different kemps.

    Any interest?


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    I am a Kemp collector. What does it consist of? Would you consider trading?

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    I may consider trading, but I am really looking to sell as then I can buy exactly what I want when I want off of ebay & stuff with the money I get for my kemps.

    As for what it consists of... I am currently making up a list of all the cards MINUS the commons; should take me a few days, so I'll post here when done.

    Just FYI... I am taking out a few cards from my collection to keep for myself for other insert sets I collect. ;)

    Collecting AI & Westbrook

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    Okay, sounds good. I would prefer to trade, but may consider buying if there are cards I really need.

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    Still not finished the listing but have counted them all.

    713 different kemps in total!

    Collecting AI & Westbrook

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    No I don't believe I do.. he only has a couple of signed cards I believe & don't think I have any. :(

    Collecting AI & Westbrook

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