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    Minor Breaks: Prestige, Ultra, Topps DPP

    Prestige: Fargas, Rattay, B. Johnson, Mason, Arrington, Perry RC

    Ultra: George, Thomas, Burress, Randle El, J. Walker, Stallworth, S. Davis, Stroud, Teyo Johnson, F. Taylor, Ramsey, Favre, Brooking, E. James GOLD, Rice GOLD, Will Smith GOLD

    Topps DPP: Culpepper, Brady, Gordon, A. Johnson, K. Robinson, Q. Carter, Derrick Knight RC, Michael Jenkins RC, Roethlisberger CHROME RC, Andre' David GOLD CHROME REFRACTOR

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    i need the randle el burress and roethlisberger check my site n PLMK really need the roethlisberger thanks

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    You also said you need my Calico auto and Palmer patch. Although I may be trading the Calico.

    Unfortuneatly, all I collect is Jeff Smoker. If you can get some I need, I'd be happy to trade. I will hold the cards (minus Calico).

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    Would you be interested in buying? Or if you can win a Smoker on eBay or something we could trade then.

    Or we can wait, maybe you'll pick up a Smoker or two later in the year.

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    i would rather trade please check my site thanks

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    I only collect Smoker.

    LMK if you pull any Smokers in the future.

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