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Thread: various odds n ends !!

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    various odds n ends !!

    2002 Topps Archives Steve Garvey
    game worn jersey card: TUR-SG

    2002 BOWMAN Cert. AU Ryan Franklin: BA-RF.
    Minor chip on the top back side of card.

    2004 SP Authentic rookie archives Kazuhisa Ishii

    2000 Royal Rookies Francisco Rodriguez AU

    2001 Topps Boston Redsox, no. 756
    Gold 408/2001

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    the link to your site doesnt work.

    i collect any bowman heritage, fleer tradition, nolan ryan
    mark mcgwire, paul molitor, todd helton, larry walker.

    just to let u know the rodrigez has a rough bottom edge, i got it that way when i pulled it out of the pack.

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    I just got in to your website. I not really interested in the them cards, but do u have any 2001 fleer greats of the game commons
    or double cards?

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