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    need some paypal cash.. pm me a nice offer and its yours.. i was waiting for it to book, but it still doesnt yet so pm me if you want at it..


    heres a pic:

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    How much ya sell it for if you don't mind me askin? I was gonna make an offer til I saw your last post.

    Wantlist and tradelist:
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    Collect Albert Pujols,Mets,golf,Topps brand RCs and set wantlist on my page. Photobucket is garbage.

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    sold for $73 to a friend... i was trying to get maybe 80 for it, but really got tired of shopping it... good thing that happened tho, is i took 20 of the 73 and did this

    Jun 8 3:48pm 3 Team Parlay - Winner 20.00 to win 107.63 107.63
    1. Baseball - Florida Marlins/Cleveland Indians - total Over 8 (-130)
    for the entire game held on Jun 8 at 6:05pm [winner]
    D Willis -L must start and C Lee -L must start for action
    2. Baseball - Arizona Diamondbacks/Baltimore Orioles - total Over 8 (-105)
    for the entire game held on Jun 8 at 6:05pm [winner]
    R Johnson -L must start and S Ponson -R must start for action
    3. Baseball - San Francisco Giants - moneyline (-118)
    for the entire game held on Jun 8 at 6:15pm [winner]
    J Williams -R must start for action

    take care.. bblair, if you check my page youll see i have added a new sosa auto/jersey bv 200 if youre interested..not really looking to move it though, unless i get a good offer

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