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    Talking Mail Day !! A Few Game Used For Trade!

    Let me Know if your interested in anything, or check out my site if you dont see something here..


    Game Used..

    02- score qbc materials untouched boomer esiason
    03- donruss elite mask of steel 97/100 aaron brooks
    01- pacific private stock andre rison
    02- pacific private stock michael pittman
    02- playoff piece of the game kordell stewart ( 2 color)

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    do you have any tomlinsons,s.moss,d.mcallisters

    your cards for trade list did not seem to open for me it said it has been moved??

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    i see you have some raider gu'd and autos.....can you make a list of ALL that you have....i will dig up some of your wants and see if we can do some tradin......thanx ....joe

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    ICED CARDS- Yea I do, try the link again, I was on there adding stuff, thats probly why you couldnt get on there..


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    kckiller- I will make you a list and get back to you this afternoon..


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    03- fleer limited edition- deuce mcallister #ed 088/175

    03- fleer mystique- deuce mcallister- #ed 105/299

    03- playoff absolute leather & laces ladainian tomlinson (ball)

    03- fleer avant ladainian tomlinson 58/250

    These are all GU right

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    ICED CARDS- yes they are, I have this one to..

    01- fleer hot prospects rookie premiere postmarks GU (black jersey) #1133/1825


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    i like this. who are you looking for?
    01- pacific private stock andre rison

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    i could use this one check out my site.
    03- donruss elite mask of steel 97/100 aaron brooks
    Collect Cleveland Browns/ BOSTON BRUINS/ Boston College Eagles/ROOKIES,Patches/Autos


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