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    Ok heres how it goes... all gu is25% or LESS of bv... shipping is 1 dollar for one card in reg envelope.. in bubbler 1.5

    Inserts and Rookies... you offer price... singles of your fav team is 5 cents a card up to 20 cards after tahat they are 2 more cents a card... plus 1 dollar for shipping

    ill list all cards for trade/sell that are gu or inserts... ask about rookies.. ill list key rookies

    2000-01 Sp Top Prospects Pete Mickeal (CIncinatti)

    2003-04 Finest Jerry Stackhouse #ed/999 JSY bv 20 sell 3.5
    2001-02 SP Game FLoor Kenyon Martin Floor
    2002-03 Ud GAme Jerseys Jams Tyson Chandler JSY
    2003 UD Superstars City All-Star Darius Miles and Andre Davis Dual Jsy

    2003-04 TOpps Carmelo Anthony
    2003-04 Topps Ndudi Ebi
    1990-91 NBA SKy Hoops Shawn Kemp
    2003-04 Fleer Tradition Marcus Banks
    2003-04 REflections Reflections Kirk Heinrich bv 5
    2003-04 Fleer Patchworks David WEst #ed/799 bv 4
    2002 Press Pass Drew Gooden
    1996-97 Ud collectors Choice Antoine Walker
    2003-04 Topps Luke RIdnour
    2003-04 Rookie Matrix Mini Mario Jaric
    2003-04 Rookie Matrix Lampe/Barbosa/Beasley
    2003-04 Rookie Matrix Outlaw/Barbosa/Diaw
    2002-03 Topps Nikoloz Tskitishvili
    2003-04 Rookie Matrix FOrd/Gaines/Banks
    IF U WANT ME TO LOOK FOR YOUR FAV ROOKIE of 03-04 IN TOPPS LMK TEam/player (i know i dont have melo or lebron)

    2003-04 Fleer Tradition Crystal Malik Allen #ed/175
    2003-04 UD Standing O Die-Cut Tracy McGrady
    2003-04 Topps Justice of the Court Yao Ming
    2003-04 Fleer Tradition Award Winner Yao Ming
    2003-04 Fleer Authentix Ticket Studs Steve Francis
    2003-04 Fleer Tradition Heads Up Allen Iverson
    2002-03 Topps chrome Zone Busters REfractor Tracy McGrady
    2001-02 Topps Chrome Mad GAme Refractor Tracy McGrady
    2003-04 SpX SPXcellence Shawn Marion #ed/3999
    2003-04 Topps Highlight Zone Jerry Stackhouse
    2003-04 Topps Highlight Zone Shaquille O'NEal
    2003-04 Topps Love it Live Vince Carter
    2003-04 Topps Lovei t Live Drew Gooden
    2003-04 Topps Justice of the Court Kenyon MArtin
    2003-04 UD Retail Air Academy Paul Peirce
    2003-04 Fleer Showcase Sweet Stitches Non GU Yao Ming
    2003-04 Fleer Ultra Round Ball RAy Allen
    2003-04 Fleer Ultra Gold MEdallion Brent Barry

    2003-04 Flair Kobe Bryant
    2003-04 Flair Allen Iverson
    2003-04 Finte Mark EAton #ed/1999
    2003-04 TOpps chrome Peja
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    monday bump... at end of weekend all good cards going on the bay.. so dont wait to get a good deal


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    2003-04 Fleer Ultra Round Ball RAy Allen

    Need this one. Check out my tradelist, if you dont like anything on there, I may buy at a reasonable price.

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    dont see ne thing.. but i could include a few ray allen base for 1.25 shipped (paypal)

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