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Thread: Looking for Barry Zitos!!

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    Looking for Barry Zitos!!

    Looking for ANYTHING i dont have of him, the list is on my site. Also, I am willing to pay 25 CC per dollar for cards I need of him! LMK!!

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    Got that one, but if your selling for CC i can offer 500 for it, I have to update my zito list with about 5 cards.
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    2003 Donruss Champions BARRY ZITO Statistical Champs #SC-20 G/U Jersey #069/100

    I have this Zito that I'd trade for 2003 Fleer Hot Prospects Playergraphs Mark Teixeira Auto #ed 352/400

    BV's are the same.
    LMK if interested

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    Patrick, im really against trading autos for GU, Sorry.

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    I didn't see this one on your list. Let me know if you need it.

    2003 Fleer Showcase Baseball's Best Game Jersey 2 Barry Zito

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    RJJRacin, i could use that.....check my site or LMK if your taking CC for it. I will pay 25 CC per $1

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    The only GU on your site I'd like to trade for is the Rolen GU card, but is a dual GU with Abreau that books $15.

    Just curious what your Thome Big League Materials SP card books for?

    No pressure on making a deal. I'm in the process of moving to VA. I'll be at a new address in two weeks and would like to wait until I'm there to trigger a trade.

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    RJJ, I just traded the dual Jersey the other day.....the Thome dosent book, but others like it that do book go for 20-25 range

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