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Thread: Looking for Laker Rookies

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    Looking for Laker Rookies

    plmk what you have thanks

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    Shaq rookies

    Here are the Shaq rookies I have left:

    #247 1992-93 Stadium Club RC
    #328 1992-93 Ultra RC
    #362 1992-93 Topps RC
    #442 1992-93 Hoops RC

    I'm selling my collection and if you might be interested please make an offer. Thanks, Brent.

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    i only need the hoops 442 how low could you go on that

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    Shaq Hoops RC

    I'm not sure what it books for. How about $4 delivered? Let me know and thanks.

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    i have a kareem rush topps rc and a luke walton topps jersey edition draft stitching rc.lmk

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    bkd i dont have that much money at the moment but i may get some money sone thanks
    admiral i need the Luke walton please check my site and lmk thanks

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