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    Ready to start trading again! :D

    Come on I have the next 2 and a half months off,I'm ready to start trading again now that I have nothing to stress over! :) I know the cards on my site aren't THAT great but eventually someone's gotta want them.

    Looking For:
    **Tim Couch
    **Lee Suggs
    **Ohio State rookies (mostly just from the past two years)
    **2004 Browns Draft Picks

    Mostly looking for Game Used and Autos of Lee Suggs and the OSU Rookies,but as always I'm looking for anything of Couch,and the new Browns rookies as well.


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    i could use the bj symons rc. i can give you
    matt wilhelm mvp rc
    kenny peterson mvp rc
    both went to the ohio state university

    lmk, if that's not cool i've got some couch base i can throw in as well

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    I just got a 2003 Fleer Snapshots "We're #1" Tim Couch thats #'d 906/1999.

    I'd love to trade it for Patriots cards!

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    i have a topps 2003 lee suggs rookie if you need it. looking for mcgahee

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    2002 Leaf Certified Materials "Freshman Fabric" Antwaan Randle El GU rookie jersey bv 20.00
    2001 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Kevin Kasper #'d 71/1750 - BV .50
    2004 Topps DP & P Ben Roethlisberger
    i have a 2001 Pacific Dynagon RED #23 Tim Couch Serial Numbered #49/99 bv$12.50
    i could do that for the Roethlisberger casper and topps randle el RC PLMK thanks also check my www

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    AllStar004- I have about 50 Couch cards to trade, few RC's , inserts, ser.#'ed cards ...... no idea on total bv, but will trade them for a few emmitt smith, julius jones, torry holt, or anyone in my sig, plmk.....Thanks

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