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    What is your absolute best pull ever?

    I thought it would be kinda cool to get a thread going about the best pulls ever. I'll start! About 5 years ago I bought a box of upper deck for about $75 and started to crack the packs. About half way through the box I came across a 1/100 Jordan and I thought awesome but in the middle of that pack I saw another numbered Jordan 1/1. I about pissed my pants but to make a long story short I sold it for $11,000.00. Later, TreyB

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    2004 sweet spot classic mickey mantle g/u pants with dirt on the swatch

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    in 1993 I bought 2 packs of Classic 4 sport during the Shaq craze and I pulled a Jimmy Jackson auto that I immediately sold to the store I bought the packs from for $75 I think it books $5 today lol.

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    an upper deck encore elton brand rookie card that WAS bv80 when i pulled it his rookie year but has dropped to bv10 :(

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    03/04 fleer authentix ticket for four curry/yao/wagner/sprewell #/100
    all are gu

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    basketball i havnt pulled anything good but baseball i pulled 2 1/1s out of 2004 Diamond kings in consecutive boxes that i bought.

    andre dawson auto/bat/jersey card 1/1 sold for $160
    jason jennings blck boarder 1/1 sold for $90

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    I don't buy a lot of packs, but I bought a box of 04 Fleer Ultra and pulled this:

    04 Ultra Platinum Medallion Delmon Young /66. BV was $60 last time I looked.

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    treyb you have the best luck ever, period, lol.

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    My favorite is a T206 I pulled out of Topps T06 lol

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