I can use all his cards. I just started collecting him last week or mabye the week before and have 94 cards, 5 of them being game used so I still need a lot of help to get a nice collecting. Looking for ALL cards, commons(really want to get rid of cc at a good price, or mabye if someone can just send me one with a sase) Inserts(I've got a bunch from 2003 Victory Short Prints for trade along with a ton of other inserts for trade) Rookies(someone please hook me up with '95 bowman or bowman best) game used(not too high on his game used stuff right now seeing he's got so much of it and everyime someone offers me one they want something off my trade page, so if I took every offer I would be out of material) Autographs(Id likea few, but I don't know if I can afford that)

So, please let me know what you have and what you need

Also looking for

2003 Topps Retired Chrome Autographs
2003 Bowman Draft stuff