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    Thumbs up Way To Determine If A Box Is Searched Or Not!

    Nearly a year ago I did have an encounter with a seller who I purchased a box from, he had 1000's of feedback, but some negatives. I got the box really cheap, like $20 shipped, hobby box, and when I got it it was the wrong box, so instead of sending it back, which would pay for the box I got alone I sent him an extra $8 for the box, I opened up the box and got what the box's odds had determined, one odd factor was that the rookies in the box were 2:1 packs, but EVERY SINGLE one of the 24 total packs each contained 2 rookies of the SAME EXACT PLAYER!! FISHY???? I THINK SO!, but overallall cards were junk, luckily it was only $8, so anyways he sent me the box I had originally paid for, I got it, and the celephane wrapping on the outside was clear white, NOW THIS IS THE WAY TO TELL IF A BOX IS SEARCHED!: If the celephane wrapping of the box DOES NOT have the company logo in a repeated pattern throughout the whole celephane, then 99.9% is is fake, unless however the company does not stamp their products, but the only one ive known not to do that is SAGE so far.

    Anyways back to my story, I opened the box and the first 3 or so packs almost fell open in my hands, there was actually shreds of foil wrapper in the box, so anyways I e-mailed the seller and he said to send it back to him and he fully re-imbursed me the total with shipping back to him. I didnt leave him any feedback, because although he refunded me, he was a box-searcher, and does not deserve any type of positive comments for what he does.

    I just wanted to not only give everyone a heads up, but share my experience, and the 1 factor that will DEFINATELY determine if a box is pre-opened and resealed or not.


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    thanx for the info.
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