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Thread: My Cracker Jack For Yours!!!!

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    My Cracker Jack For Yours!!!!

    I have FINALLY sorted All my Cracker Jack Base Set (W/SP) Dupes and all are up for trade. LMK what you need. I am looking for My Cracker Jack Base/Mini/Sticker Needs in my signature or Austin Kearns, Johnny Bench Base/Inserts in return.


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    i would u some regular base cracker jack i might have a couple austin kearns base and i have two more cracker jack sitckers and one mini the mini is of hank blalock and i will get the stickers for u but i could use some reg. base cards thanks

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    I have a 2000 Bowman Austin Kearns Autograph I will trade for the James Loney Autograph

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    MJacksonKbryant- Sounds Good Post the trade And PM me the link to confirm. I hope you don't mind sening first.


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