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    Arrow I need Tim Couch cards...Whatcha Got :)

    Lmk what all you have.....Looking for ANY cards of him i don't have!!!


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    if you have 18 couch auto's then i imagine you already have these
    2000 autographics silver
    1999 sp authentic players ink
    if not let me know

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    If Dwain doesn't have them,I need them,lol.LMK if you dont get something worked out with him :)


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    still have those 2001 playoff absolute leather/laces #/25
    If ya need 1

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    fbcards4all, Got those already but thanks for the offer...

    Iced, Need it how much in trade are you asking for it ? LMK

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    I need $55-$60 for the 1 color ball /1 color laces
    Have multi color ball/lace combos also available
    I have 5 of them total

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    ICED CARDS, Check my site and lmk what you can use.

    Vick2Price, I really need that.....Check my site and lmk what you can use!!!

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    only thing i liked was from your PC
    Chad Johnson 2001 Pacific Dynagon Auto #118 #'d 092/499


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    Vick2Price, If i looked it up right on both cards book $40.00 each!!!

    How bout a strait up trade?

    PM me you addy if you want to make the trade and i will reply with mine.


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